Answering questions

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Answering questionsFun for Starters – Cambridge English.

A. Complete the crossword. Find the answers in the box.

alphabet ;    cross ;      letter ;      question ;      number ;      sentence ;      tick ;      words

Answering questions - Fun for Starters

Check answers:
Across (top to bottom): question, words, tick, cross
Down (left to right): letter, number, sentence

B. Read, draw and write.

Answering questions - Learning English

7. What’s your favourite English word? ……………..

8. Write a sentence with five words. …………………

9. Write a question with four words. ……………….

Check answers:
2. √ ;    3. yes ;    4.(eg) 7 ;    5. x ;    6.(eg) beautiful

C. Look and read. Write yes or no.

Answering questions - Cambridge English


One of the boys is sleeping.      ….. yes …..

The girl in the tree has black hair.    ….. no …..


1. You can see six apples.     ……….
2. The dog is brown and white.     ……….
3. The children are in the house.     ………
4. The boy’s ball is purple.      ………
5. The frog is on a book.      ……….

Check answers:
1. no ;    2. yes ;    3. no ;    4. yes ;    5. no

D. Listen and draw lines.


Boy:            Hi, Miss Street! Here’s a photo of me and my friends in our garden. We’re  having lots of fun!
Woman:   Oh, yes! But one child is sleeping … Who’s that?
Boy:          The boy with black hair? His name’s Mark.
Woman:   Mark? That’s a nice name.

1. Woman:    There’s a girl here, too. She’s in the tree!
Boy:            Yes. She loves trees! Her name’s Kim.
Woman:    What’s Kim doing in that tree?
Boy:          She’s getting some apples.

2. Boy:               And can you see Eva?
Woman:       No. Where is she?
Boy:              Eva’s painting a bee. It’s fantastic.
Woman:      Good! But she’s getting paint on her clothes.
Boy:            I know!

3. Woman:       I like the dog!
Boy:              That’s Hugo’s pet dog.
Woman:      Is Hugo the boy with the ball?
Boy:             Yes, that’s right.

4.  Woman:      One of the girls is waving. What’s her name?
Boy:             The girl with the kite in her hands?
Woman:      Yes. What’s her name?
Boy:             That’s Pat. Pat’s fun! I like her.

5.  Woman:       And what’s that girl’s name? The girl with the book.
Boy:              That’s Sam. She’s in my class.
Woman:        Is she? What’s she reading about?
Boy:                Polar bears! They’re her favourite animals.
Woman:       I like those too!

Check answers:
lines between

1. Kim – girl in tree ;

2. Eva – girl painting bee ;

3. Hugo – boy with ball ;

4. Pat – girl with kite ;

5. Sam – girl reading book

E. Mime the sentence.

Answering questions – Fun for Starters

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