Funny monsters

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Funny monstersFun for Starters – Cambridge English.

Fun for Starters- Unit 9: Funny Monsters

A. Look, read and write numbers. Then, draw and colour the clothes.

Funny monsters - Fun for Starters

The monster

It’s got … 2 … heads and ……. eyes. It’s got ……. noses. It hasn’t got a mouth, but it’s got …….. funny tails. Its ……. feet

are very big. Its ……. arms are very long and its hands are very small.

Check answers:
6/six eyes ;    3/three noses ;    2/two funny tails ;    5/five feet ;    4/four arms

Today it’s wearing baseball caps and boots and a big T-shirt.

B. Read and colour the monster.

1. The monster’s arms are red and its hands are green.

2. It’s got purple faces, pink eyes and yellow noses.

3. Colour three boots blue and two boots orange.

4. Make its T-shirt pink and its baseball caps orange.

C. Choose words and write about the monster!

Say ‘Hello’ to Bounce!
It’s very big/small, happy/sad, very beautiful/ugly, scary/silly and really funny!
It drinks …….. and …….. is its favourite food!

D. Which monster am I? Look at our pictures. Write the correct number.

1. I’ve got a flower in my hair.          monster ….. 4 ….

2. I’m holding my baby.                    monster ………

3. I love reading funny stories.        monster ………

4. I’ve got my robot in my hand.     monster ………

5. I really like my new glasses!        monster ………

Funny monsters - Cambridge English

Check answers:
2.  3 ;    3.  5 ;    4.  2 ;    5.  1

E. Look at the monsters. Write colours.

Check answers:
Monster 2: a green body, orange hair, blue eyes, a black nose, green arms, green feet.
Monster 3: a grey body, red hair, green eyes, an orange nose, grey arms, grey feet.
Monster 4: a pink body, yellow hair, green eyes, a purple nose, pink arms, white feet.

F. Write names for monsters 1-4 under the pictures in the Picture Hall.

G. Listen and complete the sentences about monster 5.

Hi! My name’s ……… I love reading ……….. stories and learning about ………. in the ……….. at my new school.

Check answers:
1.  Mizuty ;    2. long ;    3. alienS ;    4. lessons

H. Play the game! Colour the wall.

Funny monsters - Learning English

1. red, green, yellow
2. black, grey, brown, orange
3. pink, purple, yellow, red, brown
4. white, red, blue, grey, brown, green
5. yellow, pink, white, purple, red, black, orange
Thank you!

Funny monsters – Fun for Starters

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