In my clothes cupboard

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In my clothes cupboardFun for Starters – Cambridge English

Fun for Starter – Unit 8 – Page 20

A. Write the words for the pictures.

In my clothes cupboard - Fun for Starters

Check answers:

Down (left to right):   dress ;   shirt ;   jeans ;   shoe ;   glasses ;   sock ;   hat

Across (top to bottom):   handbag ;   jacket ;   skirt ;   shorts ;   trousers

B. Listen and tick (√) the box.


In my clothes cupboard - Learning English

One. Which boy is Tom?
Boy:             Here’s a photo of our class.
Woman:   Oh? Which boy is Tom? Does Tom wear glasses?
Boy:            No, he doesn’t.
Woman:   Is Tom the boy with the hat?
Boy:            Yes. And red shoes!

Two. Which is Kim’s dad?
Boy:        Is that your dad, Kim? The man in the jacket and trousers?
Girl:       No, My dad isn’t wearing a jacket today.
Boy:       What’s he wearing?
Girl:       Jeans and a T-shirt.

Three. Which woman is Dan’s teacher?
Woman:     Is that your new music teacher, Dan?
Boy:             The woman in the skirt? No, that’s not her.
Woman:    Is your teacher the woman in the trousers then?
Boy:             No. Our teacher’s wearing a yellow dress today.
Woman:   Oh yes! I can see her. I like her green bag!

Four. Where’s the T-shirt?
Girl:      I can’t find my white T-shirt, Dad!
Man:     Is it on your bed?
Girl:      No.
Man:    Is it on the chair in the garden?
Girl:     No. Oh, I know! It’s in the car!

Check answers

1. A ;    2. B ;    3. C ;    4. A

C. Look at the picture. Write one-word answers to the questions.

Fun for Starters - Cambridge English


What colour is the boy’s T-shirt?       …..  red  …..

How many sofas are there? b        …..  one  …..

1 Where is the jacket?        on the ……….

2 How many people are there in the picture?       ………….

3 What colour is the woman’s skirt?          …………..

4 What is the baby”wearing on one of her feet?        a blue …………

5 What colour . is the girl’s hair?        …………

Check answers:

1. chair ;    2. 5/five ;    3. orange ;    4. sock ;    5. black

D. Count and then make sentences. Use There is or There are.

Learning English

Check answers:

1. There are four green chairs.

2. There are two white lamps.

3. There is one happy baby.

4. How many cats are there?

5. There are three pink flowers.

E. Play the game! The long clothes sentence.

In my clothes cupboard – Fun for Starters

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