Our families

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Our familiesFun for Starters – Cambridge English.

Fun for Starters – Unit 1o – Page 24

A. Read about Sam. Which picture is Sam’s family?

My name’s Sam. I live in a big house with my mum and dad and my three sisters and two brothers. My grandpa and grandma live in the small blue house next to us. We all love animals. We’ve got a donkey. Its name is Mango. Our dog’s name is Chocolate and he plays and sleeps in our garden. My grandparents have got a cat and three fish. The cat’s name is Lucy but I don’t know the names of their fish!

Our families - Fun for Starters

Check answers:
picture 2

B. Put circles round the family words.

Check answers:
dad ; sisters ; brothers ; grandpa ; grandma ; grandparents

C. Complete the sentences about Sam’s family’s pets.

Our families - Learning English

Check answers:

This is our cat.

These are our fishes.

This is my dog.

Chocolate is my favourite pet.

D. Answer the questions.

Our families - Fun for Starters

1. Is your street long or short?       ………

2. How many people live in your house/flat?       ……….

3. Do your grandfathers and grandmothers live with you?       ………

4. Have you got a lot of cousins?        ………

5. Has your family got a pet?       ………

E. Draw circles round words about your family and home and write names.

This is me!

I live in a (big/small) (house/flat)

with my (mum, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, grandparents)

…………. (lives/live) in the (house/flat) next to us.

We love (animals/cats/dogs/gardens), but we haven’t got a (cat/dog/garden)

F. Play the game! Who’s that?

Our families – Fun for Starters

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