Red, blue and yellow

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Red, blue and yellowFun for Starters – Cambridge English

A. Read and colour.

Red, blue and yellow - Fun for Starters

1. blue + red = ………………

2. white + black = …………

3. blue + yellow =  ………….

4. yellow + red = ……………

5. red + white = …………….

Check answers:
1. purple ;   2. grey ;   3. green ;   4. orange ;   5. pink

B. You and colours. Answer the questions.

Red, blue and yellow

What colour are your eyes?

What colour is your T-shirt?

What colour is your bedroom?

What colour is your hair?

What is your favourite colour?

C. Look at the pictures. Circle the correct word.

1. This is a boat/ goat.
2. This is a cat / mat.
3. This is a kite / tree.
4. This is a boy / woman.

Red, blue and yellow - Fun for Starters

Check answers:
1. goat ; 2. cat ; 3. kite ; 4. woman

D. Listen and colour the birds.


Woman:     Can you see the bird in the tree?
Boy:              Yes?
Woman:     Good. Colour it yellow, please.
Boy:              Pardon?
Woman:     Colour the bird in the tree. Colour it yellow.

Woman:     Look at the bird on the kite.
Boy:             Oh yes. Can I colour it?
Woman:    Yes, colour it blue.
Boy:             Great! The bird on the kite is blue now.

Woman:     Find the bird on the boat.
Boy:             Sorry? Which bird?
Woman:    The bird on the boat. Colour it orange.
Boy:            Orange. Ok. I’m doing that now.

Woman:    Can you see the baby?
Boy:            Yes, She’s holding a bird in her hand too.
Woman:   That’s right. Let’s colour that bird pink.
Boy:            Ok. Now there’s a pink bird in the baby’s hand.

Woman:   Can you see the girl? She’s painting a picture.
Boy:            Yes, I can. And there’s a bird in her picture!
Woman:   Yes, there is. Colour that bird red.
Boy:            Red?
Woman:    Yes, please.

Woman:    Look at the boy’s T-shirt.
Boy:            It’s got a bird on it too!
Woman:   I know! Colour that bird purple.
Boy:            Sorry?
Woman:   Colour the bird on the boy’s T-shirt purple.
Boy:            Ok.

Fun for Starters

Check answers:
1. the bird on the kite – blue.
2. the bird on the boat – orange.
3. the bird in the baby’s hand – pink.
4. the bird in the girl’s picture – red.
5. the bird on the boy’s T-shirt – purple.

E. Great colours for a car, shoes, sports shoes, ice cream or bike!

Cambridge English

What’s a good colour for a car?

What colour are your favourite sports shoes?

What colour is your favourite ice cream?

What colour shoes do you like?

What’s a great colour for a bike?

Check answers:
cars – white ;    shoes – black ;    sports shoes – white ;    bike – red ;    ice ream – yellow

Red, blue and yellow – Fun for Startres

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