Wearing and carrying

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Wearing and carryingFun for Flyers – Cambridge English

A. Write letters to make words under the pictures. Where do we wear these? Draw lines.

Wearing and carrying - Fun for Flyers

Check answers:
1. helmet ;    2. ring ;     3. scarf ;    4. trainers ;    5. shorts ;    6. sunglasses ;    7. gloves

helmet – head ; ring – finger ; scarf – neck ; trainers – feet ; shorts – legs ; sunglasses – nose ; gloves – hands

B. Read the sentences and write the correct words from the box.

Wearing and carrying - Fun for Flyers - Cambridge English

a watch       an umbrella        gloves        a rucksack      pockets       

a coat       a belt

a helmet     a backpack        a handbag        suitcases         a uniform         trainers

1. People can carry things on their back in this.      a rucksack 

2. You wear this over other clothes when you go outside.      …………

3. Women often carry this. They put things like pens and keys in it.      ……….

4. Some school children have to wear this when they go to school.    ……….

5. It’s a good idea to wear this on your head when you’re cycling.     ……….

6. When you want to know the time, look at this.     ……….

7. Lots of people put these on their feet before they do sports.     ………..

8. When it rains, you can open this so you don’t get wet.      ………..

9. People carry things in these when they are travelling. Some have little wheels.    ……….

10. Some people wear this round the top of their trousers or skirt.     ………..

11. We put these on our hands in cold weather.      ………..

12. If you’re wearing trousers, you can keep small things in these.     ………..

Check answers:
1. a backpack ; 2. a coat ; 3. a handbag ; 4. a uniform ; 5. a helmet
6. a watch ; 7. trainers ; 8. an umbrella ; 9. suitcases ; 10. a belt
11. gloves ; 12. pockets

C. Look and read. Circle the correct word.

1. The queen is wearing a very pretty necklace / belt.

2. Three / four long, thin flags are flying in the wind.

3. One person is carrying a big plate with fruit / noodles on it.

4. The man with the message is wearing boots on his knees / feet.

5. You can see a large round / square table in the castle garden.

6. The king has a wonderful gold crown / hat on the top of his head.

Check answers:
2. three ; 3. 3. fruit ; 4. feet ; 5. round ; 6. crown

D. Who are the people at the castle? Listen and draw lines.


Wearing and carrying - Fun for Flyers


Girl:      This is my favourite picture in my storybook about ‘Sky Castle’, Uncle Jack.
Man:     It looks great. Who are all these people?
Girl:     Well, the queen, the woman in the long silver dress who’s sitting in the smaller chair, is called Helen.
Man:     I see.

Man:     And who’s that person? Is he the king?
Girl:      Yes. I love his blue jacket and curly black hair.
Man:     He looks very important. What’s his name?
Girl:      He’s called Harry in the story.

Girl:      And there’s Michael. He’s very clever. The king tells him all his secrets.
Man:     Which one’s he?
Girl:      The man on the path who’s playing that instrument. It’s not a guitar.
Man:     Yes. It’s not a guitar, but it looks like one, doesn’t it?
Girl:      Yes, it does. But it’s much older, I think.

Girl:      And there’s the queen’s daughter.
Man:     The girl who’s waving on the castle wall?
Girl:      No, not her. I mean the girl wich the long blonde hair.
Man:     Oh, you mean the one who’s sitting on the grass.
Girl:     That’s right. She’s called Mary.

Man:      And what about the woman who’s carrying the fruit?
Girl:       That’s Sarah. She’s the queen’s best friend, but she works in the castle kitchen.
Man:      Is she a cook?
Girl:       Yes. I love her green belt. I think it’s fantastic. The queen gave it to her.

Man:      Why is that person hurrying?
Girl:       You mean the man with the piece of paper in his hand?
Man:      Yes.
Girl:         He’s got an important letter for the king. His name’s Peter.
Man:      Oh!
Girl:       I’m going to read the next part of this amazing story now!
Man:      Great!

Check answers:
Lines should be drawn between:
Harry and king
Michoel and man with the string instrument
Mary and girl playing with puppy
Sarah and woman carrying fruit
Peter and man running with piece of paper

E. Listen again. Answer the questions.


1.  What is the name of the castle?

2.  Who listens to the king’s secrets?

3.  Who is the queen’s best friend?

4.  Who is the important letter for?

Check answers:
1. Sky Castle ; 2. Michael ; 3. Sarah ; 4. the king

F. Play the game! Why are you together?

Wearing and carrying – Fun for Flyers

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