What’s your name?

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What’s your name?Fun for Starters – Cambridge English.

A. Look at the letters. Write the names.

What's your name? - Fun for Starters

Check answers:
1. Ben ;    2. Sam ;    3. Lucy ;    4. Nick ;    5. Bill ;    6. Anna ;    7. Mark ;    8. Kim

B. Write the names under boy, girl or boy and girl.

Dan ;     Alex ;     Sue ;     Matt ;     Alice ;      Jill ;     May ;     Pat ;     Grace.

What's your name?

Check answers:
boy: Matt.
girl: Sue ; Alice ; Jill ; May ; Grace.
boy and girl: Alex, Pat.

My favourite English names are:

What's your name?

C. Listen and write the names.


Woman:     Hello, Lucy. Is that your brother?
Girl:              Yes.
Woman:    What’s his name?
Girl:             Tom.
Woman:    Tom? Is that T-O-M?
Girl:             Yes.

Man:        Have you got a good friend at school?
Girl:         Yes.
Man:       What’s her name?
Girl:       Alex.
Man:      Alex? Do you spell that A-L-E-X?
Girl:       Yes. She’s very nice.

Woman:     What’s your teacher’s name?
Boy:             Mr Ride. It’s Mr Ride.
Woman:    How do you spell that?
Boy:            R-I-D-E.
Woman:   Oh yes, I know him.

Man:         What’s your grandmother’s name?
Boy:          Her name’s May.
Man:        Can you spell May?
Boy:          Yes. It’s M-A-Y.

Woman:       Is that your dog, Tom?
Boy:               Yes.
Woman:      What’s her name?
Boy:              Her name’s Happy.
Woman:     Happy? How do you spell that?
Boy:              H-A-P-P-Y.
Woman:     That’s a good name for a dog.

Girl:      Do you learn English at school, Ben?
Boy:      Yes. It’s my favourite lesson.
Girl:      Who’s your English teacher?
Boy:      Her name’s Mrs Duck.
Girl:      How do you spell her family name?
Boy:      Duck? You spell it D-U-C-K.


1.  ……….. Tom ……………

2. ……………………………..

3. Mr ………………………..

4. …………………………….

5. …………………………….

6. Mrs ……………………..

Check answers:
2. Alex ;    3. Ride ;    4. May ;    5. Happy ;    6. Duck

D. Answer the questions. Write your names in the circle.

1. What’s your name?

2. What’s your friend’s name?

3. What’s your grandmother’s name?

4. What’s a good name for a cat or a dog?

What's your name?

Check answers:
school friend – Alex ;    grandmother – May ;    dog – Happy ;    English teacher – Mrs Duck

E. Listen and write the names and numbers.


Boy:              Mum, can you help me?
Woman:     OK.
Boy:             Can you tell me Mary’s family name?
Woman:    Yes. It’s Door. D-O-O-R.
Boy:            D-O-O-R. Thanks.

Boy:             And what’s the number of Mary’s house?
Woman:    17. She lives at number 17.
Boy:            Oh yes!

Boy:              And what’s the name of the street?
Woman:     You know that! It’s Lime Street!
Boy:             Do you spell that L-I-M-E?
Woman:    That’s right: L-I-M-E.
Boy:             Great! Thanks, Mum!

What's your name?

Check answers:
1. Door ;    2. 17/seventeen ;    3. Lime

F. It’s your friend’s birthday! Write your friend’s name and address.

What's your name?

G. Find a name from A, B or C in these sentences.

1. Listen to my story!

2. The cat is sleeping on the mat today.

3. She wants an orange and an apple.

4. Grandma, you’re great!

5. Be nice to your teacher!

6. Stop at the end of the street.

Check answers:
2. Matt ; 3. Dan ; 4. May ; 5. Ben ; 6. Pat

H. Play the game! Names bingo.

Fun for Starters

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